Face the State with Scott Light | October 6, 2019


This week on Face The State:

  • I Vote, I Vape — Pro-vapers responded to state leaders plans to restrict e-cigarettes. Gov. Mike DeWine wants to ban flavors, staying in line with the plans President Donald Trump has unveiled.
  • Opioid Epidemic — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost laid out two new programs to answer the question, "Why is an addict an addict?" More than $1 million will go toward genetic testing, among other things. Our guests discuss if this is money well spent.
  • Democrats Coming to Ohio — The 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates will face off at Otterbein University next week. We look at what it means for the city, central Ohio and what we can expect.

Guests this week:

  • Charleta Tavares — Former Senate Assistant Minority Leader
  • David Pepper — Ohio Democratic Chairman
  • Michael Gonidakis — Ohio Right to Life
  • State Sen. Andrew Brenner — (R) Ohio's 19th District
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