Face the State with Scott Light | November 17, 2019


This week on Face The State:

  • Battle for the 'Burbs - 19 of Ohio's 114 suburbs flipped during the 2016 election. We look at the trend heading into 2020 and what could push voters one way or another. The presidential election could be decided by one group of voters. We break down the impact Generation Z will have next November.
  • Plastic Bag Ban - Bexley's plastic bag ban could be dead in the water before it even takes effect. The reason some want to nix the rule.
  • Dreamers on Hold - The Supreme Court is hearing arguments on DACA. The public support to keep the rule in place, and the reason President Trump gives for wanting to end the program.

Guests this week:

  • Rep. David Leland - (D) Ohio's 22nd District
  • Dr. Nancy Miller - University of Dayton
  • Rick Rouan - The Columbus Dispatch
  • Tracy Winbush - Fmr. Vice Chairman of the Mahoning Co. Republican Party

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