Face The State with Scott Light | March 1, 2020


This week on Face The State:

  • Is Competency Enough? - The State Superintendent announced new Math and English requirements, lowering them to "competent" instead of "proficient". Parents say it's lowering the bar for students, but the Superintendent argues it'll help student get jobs, not go to college.
  • Early Voting Surge - Ohioans are hitting the polls ahead of primary day. We dig into whether the request for absentee ballots means big turnout on March 17 and ahead in November. And are people already sick of election season? The voter fatigue taking a hold of nearly half of Ohio voters.
  • Minimum Wage Fight - Ohioans are backing a minimum wage increase to $13/hour. The reasons they're giving for the pay bump and what still needs to happen to have it considered.

Guests this week:

  • Rep. Stephanie Howse - (D) Ohio's 11th District
  • Mayor David Scheffler - (R) Lancaster
  • Mayor Steve Patterson - (D) Athens
  • Greg Lawson - The Buckeye Institute

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