Face the State with Scott Light | July 8, 2018


This week on Face The State with Scott Light:

  • An Ohio Congressman accused - More former Ohio State wrestlers say Rep. Jim Jordan knew about alleged abuse by a team doctor. We look at the timing of the accusations and his response to controversy.
  • The impact of tariffs - Billions of dollars in tariffs went into effect this week. Ohio will be hit especially hard when it comes to agriculture and exports. The industries feeling the pinch and when it could hit your wallet.
  • Unions and Ohio - Our panelists discuss what a Supreme Court decision could mean for more than 600,000 people living in the Buckeye State.

Guests this week:

  • Terry Casey - Political analyst and former head of the Franklin County Republican Party
  • Lou Gentile - Former Democratic State Senator, current Principal for Vorys Advisors
  • Julie Carr Smyth - The Associated Press
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