Face the State with Scott Light | April 7, 2019


This week on Face The State:

  • Signed, Seal & Delivered - After weeks of debate centered on the gas tax, Governor Mike DeWine has signed a complete transportation budget. This week we lay out the price hikes you'll see and if the spike will be enough to repair what the governor says needs fixed.
  • Race to the White House - Ohio Representative Tim Ryan says he will run for president in 2020. With a platform based on the Midwest and manufacturing,the Democrat says he will bring the focus back to Ohio, but we discuss two big challenges he'll face along the way.
  • Lawmaker Accused - Cincinnati Representative Sedrick Denson was arrested and accused of OVI. He pleaded guilty to a lesser charge. During his sobriety test, Denson repeatedly told the officer he was a State Representative. It raises the question: Do lawmakers think they are above the law?

Guests this week:

  • Laura Bischoff - The Dayton Daily News
  • Greg Lawson - The Buckeye Institute
  • Wendy Patton - Police Matters Ohio

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