Eyes On Crime: Crime Cameras Were Not Working During Recent Shooting


The city of Columbus approved a new $180,000 contract Monday evening for the cameras that keep neighborhoods safe, but 10TV uncovered new incidents of those safety cameras not working properly.

In early July, 10 Investigates first exposed issues with these crime cameras ranging from blurry video to cameras failing to record.

10TV's investigation has now discovered the cameras were not rolling in a neighborhood when a shooting took place.

"Sometimes it can make me a little nervous being over here," said Linden-area resident Mae Adams.

Adams was referring to the neighborhood surrounding Stafford's Market at Hudson and Parkwood. Adams said she visits the market with her husband once or twice a week.

"I try not to be over here after sunset," she said.

On July 14th, police investigated a shooting near the market.

Residents said crime has been happening at the location despite the fact there are cameras set up right across the street.

The camera location is one of five on Hudson Street, but the cameras are not always functioning properly for various reasons.

A Columbus police email obtained by 10 Investigates showed the cameras at Hudson and Parkwood were not functioning at the time of the shooting.

Columbus security manager Michael Plumb said the cameras can stop for various reasons.

"If you have a neighborhood like on Livingston Avenue that's got like eight or ten pods on it, they get a power outage and it takes down those cameras as well," Plumb said.

Columbus City Council member Zach Klein voiced his support of the security cameras at Monday night's city council meeting.

Klein told 10TV the fact the cameras weren't rolling during the Parkwood shooting was unfortunate.

"It's certainly frustrating when you go to request a tape and you can't get it because of a technological fail," Klein said. "But at the end of the day, this is technology and sometimes things don't record or don't operate properly."

Despite the frustrations, Klein stressed the cameras overall have been shown to reduce crime.

"I think when you look at all of the evidence stacked together, the cameras are an effective tool for policing strategy," Klein said.