Experts: Pay attention to what your body is telling you


Bob Gillam walks the Olentangy Trail these days, pain-free. But a few months ago, his stomach hurt.

"I thought I had a stomach ache or ate something bad or whatever, but it just wouldn't go away," Bob said.

He decided to go see his primary care physician, OhioHealth Doctor Ashley Chambers. She checked him over, ran some tests and did some blood work.

"We touched base a little while later and things hadn't gotten any better, he was still having pain," Chambers said.

So there were more tests, one of which revealed a mass in his colon. The information that came next was life-altering: it was cancer.

Bob remembers, "You hear that word and you know the outcomes can be not good."

But Bob credits listening to his body and going to see his doctor with detecting cancer early and saving his life.

He had surgery to remove the cancer and now has a clean bill of health.

Bob says he could have tolerated the pain for a long time and wonders what may have happened if he did.

But he's glad he didn't wait any longer, saying it would be important for anyone to go right away.

OhioHealth's Hoofit program also wants you to follow your instincts, Dr. Chambers added, she'll be leading one of the walks.

"The purpose of the walk is to explain to the public, hey, if you're worried about something or something doesn't feel right, come talk to your doctor, that's what we're here for."