Experts: Help is available for those who struggle with depression

Adena Health System Phsyciatrist Dr. Janell Ison says resources are available for those struggling with depression. (WBNS)

For many the sights, sounds and rush of the holiday season bring cheer and joy but for others, the season is one of dread and grief.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that in the span of 2013–2016, just over eight percent of Americans age 20 and over had depression in a given two-week period.

The CDC report revealed women were almost twice as likely to have depression as men.

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People who call the Central Ohio community of Ross County list depression and anxiety as two of the top five health issues they face. Behavioral health and psychiatry experts can be essential to improving health.

Adena Health System psychiatric experts report many people come during the holiday season dreading Christmas or anything related to it.

“I do think that so many people associate the holidays with family time, it can be really difficult,” Dr. Janell Ison said. “You look forward to the holidays to see your family and loved ones and now that’s all changed.”

General symptoms of depression include sadness, hopelessness, feelings of guilt that seem to take over life.

Dr. Ison also pointed out that changes in appetite, concentration, and sleep can be symptoms of depression.

Dr. Ison said that most people are receptive to your expression of concern, “If you say you know it looks like you may be having a little bit of a difficult time.”

Some strategies to help include expressing your concern. This means listening the experts said as opposed to giving advice or trying to fix your loved one.

You can also offer support including going along with someone to talk with a healthcare provider.