Expert: Ohio Security Guards Need More Training


In the wake of the New Jersey Mall shooting, a security expert from Columbus says if the same thing happened here, most security guards are not properly trained.

“I see very little active shooter-type training," says Dean Boerger, President of Ohio Security and Protection Solutions.

He says security guards in Ohio are not required to have any minimum training.

“As long as you don't have a felony record, you can be registered in the state of Ohio," he added.

The Private Investigator and Security Guard services section within the Ohio Department of Public Safety is responsible for licensing businesses and registering individuals and employees of the businesses. Their authority only applies to third-party security providers and private investigators.

Security guards who work directly for the companies or stores they guard are considered proprietary.  The state does not register them or have authority over them.   

The only time training is mandated is when an individual wants to obtain his or her firearm bearer card, and that is done through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission.

Boerger says malls don't want to spend the money hiring armed guards.

He says the biggest concern he hears from malls is thefts.

"Active shooters are far from their mind,” he says.

So what if that's you in the mall and there's an active shooter - what are you supposed to do?

Experts say once in you are in the mall, look for the exit signs, so you know how to escape quickly.

“Where is the closest exit if something would happen and I need to get out of here quickly, with my family," says Boerger.