Expert looks at ways to avoid hidden Cyber Monday mistakes

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COLUMBUS, Ohio (10TV) -- When it comes to Cyber Monday, the rush is on to click on the best deal before it goes away. But cyber experts say beware of common mistakes that often get overlooked.

10 This Morning invited Matthew Curtin, Founder of Interhack Corporation to walk viewers through his best advice.

  1. Watch for phony sellers. Web sites are easy to create and can be made to look like a legitimate site by actually stealing the logos, fonts, and other "look and feel" from the real deal—without the legitimate site knowing. Clicking links on social media and in email can lead you to the phony sellers.
  2. Watch for phony items. Of course you'd like a Ferrari for a nickel, but you know that there's some catch there. So stop and think: why would the name brand sunglasses, clothing, or accessories everyone wants suddenly become available at bargain basement prices? They aren't; they're cheap counterfeits that will fall apart. These also come up on bogus web sites that you might find through search engines, as well as email and social media.
  3. Use your credit card. Even when you're going to sellers you know to get the genuine items you want, you're going to want protection in the transaction. Credit cards, not gift cards—and not even debit cards—are going to give you the greatest protection in the event of items arriving damaged, getting misdirected, or not matching what you ordered.
  4. Know where to find good advice. Federal Trade Commission's Consumer information site is a great start.