Expert: Expect market changes for several days following election


The Dow and Nasdaq have taken a ride this week. Now financial advisors weigh in on what the newly voted upon presidential selection may mean to your finances.

"The market had already priced in a Hillary market. So I think when you look at that market up big, up Monday up big on Tuesday. I think it expected Hillary was going to win so we were just going to have more of the same that we've had for the last eight years, now we've got this. What's going to happen? You see uncertainty," Libertas Wealth Management Group Advisor Adam Koos said.

Koos said Wall Street doesn't like uncertainty. You saw the effects. A sizeable dip late Tuesday as election results began rolling in.

Investors around the world sold. But as the US markets opened today, we saw resiliency. He warns the market is expected to swing widely over the next few days.

"Last night at about 3 a.m., a nuclear bomb went off. Now we have to wait for the dust to settle so we can actually see what's going on," Koos said.

He says the best way for your investments and 401K to survive headwinds is to stay the course.

"Don't stop putting money in your plan because it's the only thing you can control. You can't control what the market does. You can't control who our president is. You can't control the economy, but you can control what you put away after every single pay check, so don't stop doing that."

Bottom line, voters chose to change up the White House, but advisors warn against doing the same with your 401K.

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