Ex-Teachers Claim Dayton Charter School Tampered With Grades, Did Not Report Sexual Misconduct


Former teachers at Horizon Science Academy in Dayton leveled serious charges against their former employer on Tuesday. The charges include sexual misconduct among students that went unreported, grade and attendance tampering, and racism.

"I know that there were things that just weren't right," said Timothy Neary, a former Horizon school teacher. "School administrators clearly lied about attendance. I can honestly tell you never once did I have full classrooms with my roster and every single student yet they reported a 97 percent attendance rate."

The allegations did not end with attendance tampering.

Another former teacher said that 6th, 7th and 8th graders were caught in sex acts, but it was kept from parents.

Another former teacher told the board that school tests were altered.

And one former teacher accused another of encouraging a groping game among students.

The Ohio Department of Education now says it will investigate the Concept Charter Schools Network which has two schools in Columbus.

All of this is separate from an FBI raid on three of these charter schools in Ohio last month.

"My emotions about whether my stomach is turning, of course it is," said Mike Collins, a representative of Columbus on the Ohio Board of Education. "There are 19 of these schools in Ohio out of 146 in the country, and three of them in Ohio are under investigation by the FBI."

The federal investigation is separate from Tuesday's testimony from teachers.

State Senator Peggy Lehner, the chair of the senate education committee, said she's not convinced all the facts are in.

"We all need to withhold judgment until a thorough and complete investigation has been completed about these accusations," said Lehner. "It's unfortunate if the misbehavior of one implicates the others."

Neary offers this suggestion.

"I would just advise parents to ask questions and keep their eyes open," said Neary.

The FBI is not talking about what they were looking for in their raid of the three Horizon Science Academy schools.

A statement from Concept schools was not available.