Ex-Girlfriend of Rape Suspect With HIV Speaks Out


One of the victims of rape suspect Keith Anthony Allen, is speaking out.

His ex-girlfriend told 10TV News Anchor Kristyn Hartman it's bad enough he had unprotected sex with her - knowing he had HIV. It's even worse that he allegedly raped her 12 year-old cousin and her cousin's friend of the same age.

The woman, says her cousin is now pregnant. 10TV has decided not to name Allen's ex-girlfriend to protect her young cousin's identity.

She says she called police after learning Allen slept with her, fully knowing he was HIV positive. That led to an investigation that yielded even tougher discoveries for her and her family.

"He at 27 years old knows better than to do what he did not only to me - but to the children," she said.

The woman showed 10TV's Kristyn Hartman the sonogram of her cousin's baby. She said Allen was staying at her home. She says her young cousin first told a friend Allen forced himself on her over the past five months.

"She told me he would sneak in there while I was asleep and told her if she were to say anything to anybody, he'd kill me, kill my aunt and she was terrified of him," she said. "That's why she didn't say anything for as long as she has."

Allen's former girlfriend says she and her cousin tested positive for an STD. And they, along with her cousin's friend, will continue to be tested for HIV. So far, the results have been negative.

"It shatters my heart," she said. "12 years old - she hadn't even begun her life yet."