Ex-girlfriend of Dayton shooter: There were warning signs

Adelia Johnson, who briefly dated Connor Betts, who fatally gunned down people on Sunday in Dayton, Ohio, speaks to members of the media in Belmont Park in Dayton on Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

DAYTON, Ohio (WBNS) — Adelia Johnson stood before a small gathering of reporters and said there were warning signs about Connor Betts that concerned her, but none that compelled her to go to police.

“What a weird sentence - my ex-boyfriend is a mass murderer. What?!? I am going to be dealing with these emotions for months if not longer.”

Johnson told 10 Investigates that she met Betts in January while taking classes together at Sinclair College in Dayton.

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In hindsight, she says there were both “yellow and red flags.”

On their first date, she says Betts showed her a video of a mass shooting. She didn’t think much of it at the time because she says he was studying psychology and the study of why people do terrible things is part of that.

But there were other concerns.

Betts she says talked about putting a gun in his mouth. She says he called her one night and talked about a desire to hurt others.

Johnson said he was “fascinated” with current events like mass shootings - the same way history buffs are fascinated with World War II.

She says Betts didn’t like his parents, there were issues during his childhood she wouldn’t go into. She says he was dealing with mental illness but says that can’t be the root cause of Sunday’s massacre.

“I am not shocked he did something horrific because he had ... problems... I am shocked he did it to this level.”

Sunday’s shooting in the Oregon District of Dayton left nine dead - including Megan Betts, Connor’s sister and a friend.

Johnson would not explain that or elaborate why she thought Megan was among the victims.

“He is not a monster, he did a monstrous act.”

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