Evidence of devastating tornadoes in Ohio


A powerful storm hit Greene County as Memorial Day was winding down. The National Weather Service in Wilmington says a storm that a tornado of at least EF-3 strength hit Beavercreek late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. That means winds were at least 136 mph.

The storm had warnings associated with it for a few hours before it reached Beavercreek, the NWS had warnings on it as it tore across Indiana. the parent storm then moved over north Dayton and within a matter of minutes it was bearing down on Lakeview Estates, a neighborhood in Beavercreek.

Renea Ashcraft saw the tornado first hand. She called the event very disconcerting.

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“I was in shock. It made me think of the tornado that went through Xenia because I was little then. But it was horrifying.” From there the tornado tore walls off of buildings, snapped and uprooted trees and threw debris around the neighborhood. “It was massive, you could just see it when the lightning was going off & you could just see the big funnel. It was ripping everything apart,” said Ashcraft.

As the tornado continued to churn it moved into Spicer Heights, a nearby neighborhood. That's where it tore off roofs, threw 2x4's into houses and flattened a garage.

Tom Leston lives in the area. He remembers the infamous Xenia tornado and was ready to go to bed when the first warnings broke out. Once he heard a local broadcaster mention a street that was right around the corner he moved to his safe spot.

“It didn’t last but a minute but we got in the bathroom. I put my back up against the door & was holding the door shut. And you could just feel the door just kicking against me.”

Once tornado was done with Beavercreek its parent storm moved into Northern Fayette and Southern Madison Counties. It then moved through Pickaway County and the NWS says at least two tornadoes touched down there on Tuesday morning.