Events aim to give Reagan Tokes a voice as trial for her accused killer is underway


COLUMBUS (WBNS) – Brian Golsby admitted he was there.

Jurors heard his voice Thursday. They heard from him and more than a dozen other prosecution witnesses including detectives, a GPS expert, a parole system employee and acquaintances of Brian Golsby.

But they haven’t heard from one person who was there that night – Reagan Tokes.

And they won’t.

That doesn’t mean she’s being silenced. (More on that in a minute).

On Thursday, jurors watched a two-hour clip from a police interrogation video where Golsby admitted to police that he forced his way into Reagan Tokes’ car in the Short North area, had her drive to ATMs to withdraw money, and later sexually assaulted her.

But he denied shooting the Ohio State student.

Jurors heard his voice.

While the audio at times was difficult to understand, detectives recounted for the jury how Golsby blamed on a man named “T.J.” for the murder.

“I didn’t kill nobody,” Golsby said.

They heard him say that.

Over the course of six hours, Golsby’s story changed. At first, he gave only scant details about the night of February 8, 2017. Then he later admitted that he abducted, robbed and raped Reagan Tokes.

He told detectives that “T.J.” was the alleged mastermind – supplying the guns and encouraging Golsby to assault Tokes.

Golsby also told detectives that “T.J.” had him (Golsby) drop him (TJ) off at Scioto Grove Metro Park while Golsby and Tokes went to a Turkey Hill gas station nearby on the night of February 8.

But detectives refuted that – saying there are holes in Golsby’s story.

Their proof – his GPS ankle monitor showed Golsby only traveled to the park once that night – not twice.

(As a convicted sex offender, Golsby had been assigned a GPS ankle monitor when he was released from prison three months before Tokes’ death. 10 Investigates has reported extensively on the failures of the state’s parole system to closely watch Golsby and other violent felons).

Jurors heard Golsby’s voice. They heard from detectives about his story changing – how he allegedly led them to the murder weapon. They heard witnesses say that Golsby didn’t own a car but was seen driving a silver Acura on February 9, 2017 – the day after Tokes’ murder. They heard from an ex-girlfriend who said Golsby gave her a black Kate Spade purse and wallet – police say it belonged to Reagan Tokes. They have heard from crime scene investigators say that Golsby’s DNA was found on Tokes and on cigarette butts found in and around her car.

And jurors heard from Golsby’s defense team – who have pressed crime scene investigators on why certain pieces of evidence weren't collected or tested. They said from the onset that the prosecutors must meet their burden of proof.

The jurors have heard from all of them.

They heard Golsby deny responsibility.

They will not hear directly from Reagan Tokes.

But her parents are hoping to give her a voice through another means.

They’re playing host to a series of special events this weekend aimed at raising money for one of four scholarships in Reagan’s name. One is an annual scholarship for an Ohio State student, with preference given to psychology majors (Reagan’s major). Two other scholarships will benefit students at Reagan’s high school. A fourth is through the Tokes’ church.

The first event is tonight in Reagan’s hometown of Maumee, Ohio. A link to the event can be found here:

Her father, Toby Tokes, told me this week that 300 people plan to attend.

The Tokes have chosen their words carefully.

In fact, they haven’t given interviews this week because – as they’ve told me – they want to respect the criminal trial process.

But during our extensive interview with them in January both Lisa McCrary-Tokes and Toby Tokes told me they are committed to creating something positive out of something tragic.

“This is an outlet for us to celebrate Reagan first and foremost. The love we had for Reagan as Lisa said is immeasurable,” Toby Tokes told me in January.

“It is. And it helped us cope. And it’s the right thing to do and it’s what she would want us to do,” Lisa said.

The capital murder trial will resume Monday. All parties have the day off Friday.

More witnesses are set to testify.

Jurors are expected to begin deliberations on Tuesday to determine if Brian Golsby is guilty or not guilty of Reagan Tokes’ murder.


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