Etna neighborhood displays "Thank You" hearts in home windows for essential workers

Neighbors in Cumberland Crossing are putting hearts in their windows with names of essential workers to say "Thank You" (Rachel Jarvis)

ETNA TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- In the darkest of times we find the brightest of moments.

"So, I think that's just something that's really important to recognize," Rachel Jarvis said.

Jarvis displays those moments in her front window.

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"We cut out different colored hearts," she said. "We colored on them with some markers and some crayons."

Colorful paper hearts made by her and her 4-year-old daughter, Anna. Each one is a thank you.

"We've got healthcare workers, grocery store employees, restaurant workers, first responders," she said. "We have newscasters and reporters."

A bright moment that is making its way through the Cumberland Crossing neighborhood.

Many families have taken the time to sit down, to color and to draw to say "Thank you."

"We appreciate them during the time," April Lowry said. "They have to go in at the forefront of all this."

Lowry decorated her front window with her daughters Zoe, 7, and Mia, 5.

"Yep, it's a family thing," Lowry said.

The fight against COVID-19 is personal. The children's father, aunt and nana are all medical workers.

"They're the brave ones while we sit at home on the couch and just hibernate while they have to get out there and potentially get sick," Lowry said. "Especially my mother-in-law. She's in her 50s, so she's one of the higher risks."

A sacrifice. An appreciation.

"Because they help people who are sick," Zoe said.

Jarvis's husband is also a medical professional. He doesn't work directly with COVID-19, but he still faces a level of exposure.

"So that's a little scary," Jarvis said. "But, he gets up and he does what he needs to do every day and we're thankful for him and everybody else who does it."

She says she's fortunate. She's able to work from home while caring for Anna and her 3-month-old brother, Owen.

"Even though we are locked up in our house we are safe and there's so many people out there that don't have that opportunity and they're exposing themselves everyday to make sure that we're safe and we're healthy," Jarvis said.

It's why it's needed; to not just say "Thank You," but to show it with the brightest of colors of construction paper that can cut through the darkest of times.

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