Eliana’s Journey: Baby Who Gained Worldwide Attention Battling Trisomy 18 Passes Away


A 16-week-old Orient baby - whose journey battling a rare genetic condition called Trisomy 18 spread love across the globe - has passed away.

Naomi and Matthew Coy of Orient had been documenting their daughter’s progress on their Facebook page Eliana’s Journey since she was born nearly two months premature in December and weighed just two pounds, six ounces.

In a post on Wednesday, the couple announced: Thank you to all who love our daughter. We appreciate your support!  Eliana went from my arms into the arms of Jesus at 4:35am.  We ask for your prayers for our family as we grieve. We miss her terribly.

"All the doctors have said she probably won't make it past a couple weeks," Naomi told 10TV last year at Doctors Hospital in west Columbus.  The couple says they were first alerted during Naomi’s second trimester of pregnancy, that their daughter – if she made it to birth – would face the long odds of “Edwards Syndrome,” also called “Trisomy 18” because it entails an extra (third) 18th chromosome.  It’s a rare condition, from which survival is also rare; the Coys were told 90-95% of children born with it do not survive.

Naomi said her baby was a “miracle baby” that doctors had urged her to abort.  "On one hand, we had the doctors telling us ‘Stop trying, she's gonna die. Let her die.’ But my conscience was saying ‘No, I'm not gonna let my daughter die. I'm gonna fight for her.’  Most Trisomy-18 babies are labeled as ‘incompatible with life’ and most doctors really push abortion,” Coy added.

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