ECOT auctioning off its property, equipment and cars

COLUMBUS — Property that once belonged to an online Ohio charter school is being liquidated in an online auction that runs through mid-June.

Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow, better known as ECOT, closed in January after the State Department of Education determined the school owed what's become an $80 million tab for failing to document how much time students spent learning during two school years.

The Columbus Dispatch reports ECOT's refurbished Columbus headquarters are up for bid, along with office furnishings, computers, supplies and equipment, including a 2009 Dodge Charger. And there are plenty of ECOT-branded items, including beach balls, mouse pads, lip balm and tote bags.

Looking for Easter bunny figurines, a Billy Bass talking fish or Soap Box derby cars? Look online at

The auction ends at noon June 12.

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