Early March temperatures can vary wildly


As we turn the calendar and welcome March we start something known as "meteorological spring". While spring doesn't technically start until March 20 of this year the months of March, April and May make up what we call spring in the record books.

That's because springlike weather is typically more common in those three months, it also makes record keeping easier.

After another blast of arctic air spring is a far cry from what you're experiencing when you step outside. But if you find yourself asking what's up with the forecast keep in mind that the weather in early March is notoriously fickle.

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The record high for March 4 is 78, set back in 1976 and the record low on March 1st is -2, set back in 1967. That's an 80 degree swing!

As we transition from colder to warmer weather extremes in temperature are more common. We experience a similar phenomenon when we move from late fall to early winter.

If you're keeping track Punxsutawney Phil, Buckeye Chuck and Quilliam, the weather predicting hedgehog from Dayton, were all calling for an early end to winter just over a month ago.

After missing their shadows they gave us all some hope that we could start enjoying the outdoors sooner than later. Sadly, that's not the case right now but the good news is we'll be back near 60 by the end of the weekend.

Like I said, weather this time of year can be quite fickle.