Earle Bruce left wall full of memories at local store


Judi Cohen was just a little girl when she first met Coach Earle Bruce inside her father's store.

"He was friends with my Mother and Father who started Conrad's," she says.

In the back room of the store, she has photograph after photograph of the former Ohio State Football Coach. All autographed to her father and mother.

"Here's a picture of Woody Hayes and Earle Bruce and it was written to my mom and dad to Jack and Violet, Earle GO BUCKS!," she said.

Bruce coached Ohio State for nine seasons, and during that time he made sure to see Julie's Father.

"And he used to come in he was friends with my father and actually my father used to fix his watches, my dad was a watchmaker," she said.

For the Conrad family, the Coach was more than someone who won 81 games and a handful of bowl games, but a person who won the hearts of people whose lives he touched --- even when he wasn't the most popular coach in town.

"People still loved him and not because of his coaching but because he was an honorable and sincere person, he was one of a kind of the coaches, " she said.

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