Dublin plow crews ready for Friday ice and snow


Officials with the city of Dublin say they are prepared for the upcoming winter storm.

Snow plow crews will hit the roads at noon on Friday to start their preparations.

The city's Director of Streets and Utilities Operations says Dublin's two salt barns can hold about 2,000 tons when it's piled up to the rafters and his crews will be using a lot of it this week.

"The equipment's good, the guys are ready. We have a good staff here. The guys get excited when the snow comes," Rob James said.

While Dublin is prepared for what's to come, some people say they are dreading the drive.

"I'm going to stay home anyway tomorrow and I don't like driving on ice. Snow is actually easier I think," driver Anthony Sasson said.

Keeping the main roads clear is priority number one for the 22 plows that will be out in the thick of the snow storm.

"So freezing rain and everything gets bad all at one time. We can't be everywhere all at one time, so the objective then is to get as much salt down everywhere as fast as we can," James said.

Working 12-hour shifts, crews in Dublin will hit the roads at noon on Friday and won't let up until it's safe enough to stop.

"The big question is how long that freezing rain will last before it turns over into snow so that's a big concern right now," James said.

Drivers topping off their gas tanks before the roads are covered say they'll just have to wait and see what winter will bring.

"Just be cautious is all you can do. I drive a little slower but that's about it. Be cautious and see what happens," driver Greg Coburn said.

City officials say once the main roads are clear snow plows will get to the residential streets.

They're asking drivers to be patient, go slow, and give their guys some room.

"I think we've got signs on the back of them asking to stay back 100 feet. Give them room to operate, give them room to move," James said.

Dublin officials the icy part of the storm will be the most hazardous.

Crews couldn't brine the roads Thursday because of the rain.