Dublin is latest city to raise tobacco limit to 21


DUBLIN -- Nearly one year after Columbus City Council passed a proposal raising the age to purchase tobacco from 18 to 21, another city is following suit.

The city of Dublin raised the ago for tobacco sales, a move supported by Franklin County Health Commissioner Joe Mazzola.

“We know that's part of a larger puzzle to solving the issue of tobacco prevention and cessation in Franklin County,” Mazzola said.

Mazzola said there is no fool-proof method to prevent youth tobacco use, but studies have shown tobacco use does begin within a pretty standard window.

“A majority of those who use tobacco start before the age of 18," Mazzola said.

The question now -- have the local Tobacco 21 efforts played a key role in reducing the rates?

“We have to take a comprehensive approach and take a look at this over time," Mazzola said.

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