Dublin dad's reading app competing for national award


As a lover of children's books, Erick Slangerup decided there has to be an easier way to bond with his 5-year old daughter Nina when it comes to story time.

Knowing that his cell phone was always in his pocket he decided to use the technology to build a connection with his daughter over the love of reading.

"Sometimes there are days when you don't have the time you may have one spare minute and I wanted that the time to tell a story," he says.

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Slangerup, whose background is writing children's books, and his two partners created StorySnacker to tell one story in one minute. They came up with 50 stories.

"This is powered by humans there is no autoplay you can't hand it off as a babysitter it's meant to have a three-way interaction between parent, child and the device," he says.

After downloading the app, select a story, and let your finger swipe sentence by sentence. Each time, the illustration on the screen reveals more of the story.

He says the idea isn't to replace normal story time, instead, it's to make story time available no matter where you are with your child.

"If you're inside or outside wherever you're running errands can do it at the grocery store at the barbershop," he says.

StorySnacker is competing to win a Webby-- think of it as the Oscars of the internet.

It's up against companies like Nickelodeon and Random House. You can vote for the app by clicking here.