Dublin Artist Creates Donald ‘Trumpkin’


Artist Jeanette Paras has painted several creations through the years on giant pumpkins that has included politicians, celebrities and athletes.

For 2015, she has introduced to the world to the ‘Trumpkin’: a 374-pound Ohio-grown pumpkin made in the resemblance of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I’m always asked how I choose my subjects. The answer is that the subjects are really self-selected – by being in the news all the time and by being the perpetual topic of conversation,” Paras said. “The ‘Trumpkin’ was the overwhelming choice this year. That guy is in the news every day it seems and then some.”

In the past, the pumpkins have ranged anywhere from 200 to 400 pounds. Paras’ biggest project involved a 1,200 painted after a character from Where The Wild Things Are.

“It’s a joy to produce these pumpkins and I love the reactions I get,” she said. “People stream by our house for days and days and kids and their parents get a kick out of the pumpkins when they come by for Trick-or-Treat. It’s a lot of fun.”

Paras painted ‘Trumpkin’ just three weeks after undergoing a nine-hour surgery for breast cancer. She was first treated for breast cancer 14 years ago.

“Early detection is critical,” she said. “Breast cancer is treatable most of the time. Get it treated and get on with your life. I’m proof that it is possible to do that.”

To view more of Paras’ creations, you can find Paras Pumpkins on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.