Drastic property crime reduction in Dublin

File Photo - Dublin Police (Credit: City of Dublin)

Police in Dublin reported a drastic decrease in the number of reports of thieves targeting vehicles in the city of Dublin.

CrimeTracker 10 obtained police records which reveal in 2016, Dublin police investigated 88 reports of thefts from vehicles. In 2017, that number climbed to 107.

This year, through July 24, the number of reported thefts fell to 63. It's a 41 percent decrease.

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The downward trend took a more drastic turn this month.

In July of 2007, Dublin police investigated 24 reports of thefts from vehicles. So far this month, only two citizens have reported someone broke into their vehicle.

Dublin police, in part, are crediting separate investigations spanning about two months that landed two suspected thieves behind bars.

"We feel if we take someone off the street that we know is doing those types of crimes, it's going to help," said Dublin Police Chief Heinz Von Eckartsberg.

Police aren't taking all the credit for the crime reduction. They said citizens are doing a better job of locking up their vehicles and reducing crimes of opportunity.

"They're not leaving items out in plain view as much as they have, they're closing garage doors, those things are key to preventing these types of crimes," said Chief Von Eckartsberg.