Dozens protest in Westerville, urge protection of Robert Mueller probe


A crowd of about 80 people gathered in front of Westerville City Hall Thursday, protesting President Trump's firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The groups Indivisible Ohio and Indivisible Westerville are behind the protest.

They say they have many concerns about President Trump, but the biggest is protecting the investigation of independent counsel Robert Mueller.

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They say no one is above the law, and fear the president and his acting attorney general are taking steps to shut down the Mueller investigation before the American people get to hear its findings.

"This is the time for our elected representatives to step up as patriots and to make sure the American people and the American system of justice aren't sacrificed to protect the president who seems incapable of acting in the interest of anybody but himself," said Bill Wood.

"Frankly none of us want to be out here," said Brenda Clark. "I know we're going to be called angry mobs, hair on fire and we're really upset and just causing problems. We are tired. We really don't want to be out here. But we're out here because we're doing the job of Congressmen who are not holding Trump accountable."

They are demanding Congress take action to protect the Mueller investigation and make sure its results are made public.