Dozens of crashes on slick roads during first snow fall of season

This crash snarled traffic on 270 Saturday during the first snowfall of the season. (Glenn McEntyre/WBNS-10TV)

COLUMBUS -- The snow looked beautiful coming down Saturday, if you were watching from inside. But if you were out on the streets, it made for some ugly driving conditions.

Along U.S. 33 near Hamilton Road Saturday night, eight cars were piled up, with several other vehicles off the side of the highway. On Olentangy River Road, 10TV cameras didn't see accidents, but some frightening near-misses on a street that looked more like a skating rink.

Between ODOT and the City of Columbus, hundreds of crews were treating the roads, with mixed results.

"It seemed like maybe it took a little too long, because there were a bunch of accidents on 315," driver Brian Keenan said.

Multiple cars slid off Trabue Road Saturday afternoon, one of them crashing into a used car lot. There were multiple crashes on 270 near Cemetery Road and Roberts Road.

Hilliard and Dublin Police tweeted this warning to drivers:

"All roads are extremely icy. Please only drive if necessary and use extreme caution."

"You would think living in Ohio that we'd probably be used to it," Keenan said.

"I just take it slow and always watch out for what's around me," driver Megan Carnes said. "Make sure I know what's going on at all times, and leave enough stopping distance."

Police warned about tricky conditions, including re-freezing through the overnight and into Sunday.

Police report no serious injuries from Saturday's crashes.