Dozens Of Car Windows Shot Overnight In Newark


A vandal or vandals had a very busy weekend in Newark, leaving more than 100 people with shattered windows.

Police say they were swamped with reports as people woke up today to find their cars damaged, and they say it happened all over town.

The buzz of vacuums and the crunching of shattered glass were the sounds of this Sunday morning across the city of Newark.

Where neighbor after neighbor learned their property was someone else's target practice.

Amberlinn Talbott said early Sunday morning she heard a loud pop.

"It was oh my gosh, what was that? Was that a gunshot?"

She found the windows on her SUV shattered.

"The first thing I though was why now? And why me?  I'm thirty weeks pregnant and I can't afford to replace a back hatch and back window."
Many of the victims find themselves in the same bind- forced to pay for repairs they can't afford, for damage they didn't cause.

"Money we don't have to spend,” said Frederick Rolf. “We make it day by day. The economy is bad enough. We don't need this added to our problem."

"I only had liability,” said Cody Thompson. “And I'm gonna have to pay completely out of pocket to get it fixed."

All of them at a loss as to who would do this, and why.

"What kind of joy do you get from that?” asked Rolf. “Destroying other people's property?"

"Why would you do this to people who can't afford it?” asked Talbott. “I really hope that karma gets them."

Investigators say it appears all the damage was caused by BB's, not bullets.

Some homes were damaged, but most of the targets were vehicles.

And it's not the first time- two weeks ago, 10tv reported about two dozen people in Newark had their windows shot out by a bb or pellet gun.

Anyone with information is asked to call Newark Police, at 740-670-7200.

Newark Police are investigating after they received at least 60 reports of vehicle windows being shot out overnight.

Police say the vehicles that were targeted were not in any particular neighborhood.

Authorities believe kids drove through neighborhoods and fired indiscriminately at the cars.

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