Downward trend in finding fugitives in Central Ohio


COLUMBUS, Ohio -- CrimeTracker 10 started “Monday’s Most Wanted” in the fall of 2012. Every week, 10TV would featured a person wanted by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office under a warrant. Their crimes would range from burglary to robbery, rape, drugs, or murder.

The joint effort between WBNS and the sheriff’s SWAT team began with a high success rate that outperformed the national average. In 2014, the sheriff’s office reported 45 of the 48 fugitives featured were captured, a 93% success rate, with nearly half of them self-surrendering.

The success rate continued the following year, with only 6 of 52 people unaccounted for by the end of 2015. That’s an 88% rate of capture. However, the number of fugitives captured, arrested, or self-surrendered dropped dramatically to 67% by the end of 2017. As of April 1, 2018, the rate is down to 42%.

Sheriff Dallas Baldwin with Franklin says he believes the reason for the decline is because the SWAT team is overburdened with probates. In 2017, the number of court orders requiring a person with a mental illness to receive a psychological evaluation more than doubled to over 1,300 probates. If those individuals don’t show up for court, it is up to the SWAT team to make sure the probate orders are followed through.

“The vast majority of time, it’s just a person who needs some mental health services and they’re (SWAT) the only person left to take them there,” says Sheriff Baldwin during an interview with CrimeTracker 10.

Click below to see who is still wanted by the Franklin County Sheriff's Swat Team.

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