Domestic Violence Victim Wins Day In Court With Help From Justice League


A Morrow County woman who spent years fighting the system finally won her day in court.  The alleged victim says her ex-husband he terrorized her and believes the court almost let him get away with it.

William White was arrested last Sunday on a warrant for 10 felony stalking charges.  His ex-wife Danielle Morlan has been waiting to see him locked up for more than three years.

Morlan says today is the day the court stops turning a blind eye to justice.

Her legal nightmare began in 2009 when White was convicted of domestic violence.  In 2012, she filed for divorce.  By then, White was facing new criminal charges, but Judge Lee McClelland refused to rule on a case involving domestic violence while their divorce was pending. It was that decision that angered domestic violence activists.

Morlan says she filed for a protection order, but all she could do was wait.

"(He was) showing up to my house, punching my door, taking lights to let me know he'd been there.  (There was also) the following (and) phone calls at work -- that's all very scary,” she recalls.

Time passed and the charges faded out of court.  However, 10TV was there in March when the Justice League of Ohio took a rare legal step into the Morrow County Clerk of Courts and pushed for felony charges.

Morlan says despite feeling alone, she refused to back down.

The Ohio Attorney General's office helped indict White on several felony counts of menacing by stalking.

As that case begins, Morlan says she's afraid of what her ex-husband could do with anger over the charges, but says no one should ever have to live in fear.  "This is biting off a lot, but I hope in the future it helps someone not have to go through this."

Morlan says Judge McClelland told her he wouldn't rule on the domestic violence case because the divorce should be decided on its own merit. 

The judge didn't return 10TV’s call.