Dogs owners enjoy special trails at Metro Parks


Holly Hauser and her six dogs enjoy weekly walks on one of four dog trails at Batelle Darby Creek Metro Park.

Holly drives them here several times, usually holding all of their leashes.

"They get tangled up a lot. Sometimes when we encounter other dog walkers it gets a little difficult," she explains.

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But it beats walking all of them outside of her house.

"Walking in my neighborhood is extremely difficult, there are cars bicyclers, more people, especially for Addy, she's completely blind. A lot of sounds will scare her," Holly says.

On the dog trail it's peaceful. It's perfect for Addy, who does a lot of sniffing.

"We like this trail there's a wide path easy to walk 6 dogs, they like to sniff and explore, like the grass on hot days so they don't get overheated," she says, "We see a lot of wildlife as well. There's a creek access where they like to swim."

Holly, who happens to be a veterinarian knows 6 dogs is a lot to take on.

But she hopes other people learn that these special needs pups need good homes and a happy place for them to visit.

"They walk well, they're good dogs. I hope people see that they make good pets. Especially the special needs dogs, the deaf and blind one. They're just like normal dogs," she says.

To learn more about the dog trails Batelle Darby Creek Metro Park click here.

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