Dog Walkers Weekly "Furr-cast" | March 9, 2018


Welcome back, everyone! For you first-time readers, happy to have you here! This is my fifth "Furr-cast" blog and while I want to jump right into it, I want to revisit the purpose, goals and methods used in this blog for any of those first-time readers.

This blog is solely dedicated to those dog lovers across central Ohio. Unless you have an outdoor yard, many of you probably walk your dog(s) on a daily basis and multiple times a day.

The purpose and goal of this blog is to help those dog walkers and their furry, little friends make the most out of their walks outside while being safe at the same time.

So, let's start things off with a look at what I call the "Comfort Scale."

You will notice on the images below there are certain colors that go with each time period/day of the week for the "Furr-cast." I developed this scale on my own, using several meteorological variables and some pet-friendly considerations.

You will see that the color "green" on the image above suggests that conditions are ideal for walking your pet and that there are no risks to both you and your pet, so walk all you want!

As temperatures get colder, or we see more widespread rain/snow, the ranking on the comfort scale changes and makes it more uncomfortable for both the dog and walker.

This brings me to the next level on the scale, which is a yellowish-orange color. This shows conditions are fair outside but you should still keep an eye on your pet. This is where the breed of your pet also comes into play. I'm not an expert on dogs but I know a Siberian Husky can withstand colder temperatures than a Chihuahua.

This now is up to the owner to decide if the conditions are fair enough that they could take more casual, longer walks outside.

Lastly, we have the last ranking on the scale, which shows outside conditions are poor and pet owners should keep their walks short. Dangerous weather is developing or already present and pet owners should take action to make sure that their pets are properly taken care of. This shouldn't be used to decide whether or not you should go outside; but more so an indicator that you should take shorter, more frequent walks.

Now that we have a look at the method behind the comfort scale, let's take a look at this weekends "Furr-cast."

Here's Remington waiting patiently for spring to arrive! Thanks for the photo Jenny and Eric McMahan!

Welcome to another mostly dry weekend! While there will be no rain impacting your outdoor plans on Saturday, it will be a little bit cold to start off the day. Skies will then be mostly sunny but temperatures will still run a few degrees below average. My advice is to get your longer walks in during the afternoon and try to soak up some sun!

Graeson is excited for spring! Thanks for the photo, Caitlin!

Sunday will start off chilly, with temperatures fairly similar to Saturday. The big difference for Sunday will be the increase of clouds throughout the day, which will limit your time under the direct sunlight. A storm system passing south of the Ohio River will supply these clouds, with just a slight chance for some wet paws for areas in southern Ohio. Also, don't forget about the time change as we "spring ahead" Sunday morning! This means we will have to wait a little longer for the sunrise but the sun will stick around longer in the evening!

After another chilly weekend, the colder than average air will linger into the mid-week. Along with that, some light snow will be possible Tuesday. The takeaway from this should be that your walks should be shorter than normal (depending on your dog's breed) and you should keep your pet's paws clean. With the mention of snow, some salt could be thrown on the ground, so you want to keep that in mind.

A break from the cold air will come for the latter half of the week and it's looking dry! Temperatures will be around average Thursday and will be even warmer Friday. Overall, there are no major limitations or concerns for your week ahead!

Each Friday, I will be posting a new "Furr-cast" for the weekend and week ahead and I would like to feature some of your pets on my blog! Also, If you have any suggestions or comments on my blog, I'd love to hear input. Enjoy the weekend and week ahead, furr-parents!