Dog shelter offers new Holiday Sleepover & Family Volunteering programs


The Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center has recently introduced two new programs geared to central Ohio dog-loving families.

The first is called "Holiday Sleepover", where interested residents can take a dog home to their family for three days over Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's.

Director of Franklin County Animal Care & Control, Kaye Dickson, said that the shelter is closed on those days and that while the animals still get fed and taken care of, this program could give those animals the opportunity to be inside a warm and loving home.

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"When they bring them back the only thing we ask is we give them a little report card to fill out to get a little more information on the dog than what we had before and we're hoping that will help them get adopted a lot quicker," said Dickson.

It gives families an experience of what it might be like to make a furry-friend addition to their homes without a long-term commitment.

"It's just such a happier environment for these guys[dogs] to be in a home versus being stuck in a cage you know all day," said Dickson.

And of course, the goal is to help find these animals their forever homes.

"We're hoping these host families fall in love with the animals as well and they may definitely adopt them."

The second program is a new family volunteering program that aims to get the whole family involved with the shelter.

"It can show the families together what it takes to, what is all involved with taking care of a dog as far as walking and feeding and some of the enrichment activities that we have for the dogs that can maybe modify the behaviors," said Dickson.

This program is aimed to get families to spend time together while helping out a dog in need to find it a much needed and loving home.

For more information on how you can get involved with the shelter, please visit

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