Dog saved by Franklin Co. shelter after being stabbed in the head with a knife

Picture courtesy of Franklin Co. Dog Shelter & Adoption Center

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ohio (10TV) - A dog has survived after being stabbed in the head with a knife.

The incident happened last Thursday. The director of the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center said a man called police after allegedly being attacked by two dogs. The man had small puncture wounds but refused treatment. He told police he hit one dog with a bottle and stabbed the other dog in the head with a knife.

"What happened that night no one knows - just the man who took the action he did that night and the dogs were the only ones there," said Kaye Persinger, shelter director.

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The male dog, who was hit with the bottle, was OK and released from the shelter. The female dog, who was stabbed in the head with the knife, needed surgery.

Dr. Taylor Yurick said the surgery took only 35 minutes. They were able to remove the knife from the dog's head without damaging its hearing or sight.

"This isn't something that dog could live with," said Persinger. "It was just a miracle that the dog survived."

According to Persinger, the dog has not shown aggression at the shelter. While it is now going to be designated as dangerous, Persinger is confident the dog will be able to live a happy life and not hurt anyone.

"Absolutely, positively believe that. She's been nothing but sweet since she's been in here. Even to the medical staff with the knife in her head, she was jumping on them and licking them. You would never know she had a severe injury," she said.

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