Dog rescued from Olentangy River over the summer finds 'fur-ever' home

Olen was rescued from the Olentangy River in the summer of 2019. He now has a forever home. (WBNS | Kyle Kowacich)

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Kyle Kowacich says if he were a dog, he would be Olen.

That's how much of a perfect match he's found in his new rescue pup. And Olen certainly put the "rescue" in the term rescue dog.

"I met Olen, I heard his story, and I couldn’t help it," Kowacich said. "I had to take him. It broke my heart when I seen what he had been through."

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Last summer, a 10TV crew was there when Olen was pulled from the Olentangy River. That's how he got his name. But his journey from river to dry land was just the beginning of his recovery.

He needed medical treatment and socialization. So he was rescued once again, this time by the Healthy Hearts & Paws Project.

"My heart broke when I saw how he was rescued, and then my heart really broke seeing that he wasn't able to stay at the shelter, and I wanted him to have the best chance possible of find a forever home," Jason Cooke said.

So, Cooke took Olen to northeast Ohio, where the rescue group is based. And he spent months recovering and getting ready to find his new 'leash' on life.

This week, he found it, when he was adopted.

"I met Olen, and as soon as we walked, I was like, this is the one, this is him," Kowacich said.

Olen already loves working in the garage with his new dad, taking hikes and riding in the car. And, for Kowacich, it's been the perfect antidote for the stay-at-home blues.

"I think more people, when they look for a dog, they need to go to the shelters and the rescues," he said. "There’s so many there that are such great dogs that it’s the perfect place to find your partner at. That would be my advice, I would say."