Dog found dragging crate containing her 4 puppies on side of Georgia road

(McIntosh County Animal Services/Facebook)

DARIEN, Ga. — A dog and her four puppies will be heading to a rescue in Virginia after the family was abandoned on a road in Georgia.

According to the McIntosh Animal Services in Darien, someone left the puppies in a wire crate and tied it to the mother's collar.

A man and his son were driving by and saw the mother dragging the crate containing her puppies down the road. The dogs were then brought to the shelter.

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The shelter says the thirsty family was given water, as well as food and vaccinations. They were also de-wormed, bathed and any fleas were removed.

In an update Thursday night, the shelter said the mother and puppies will go to Fancy Cat and Dog Rescue in Virginia.

Anyone who has any information on the animals' owner or who may have done this to them is asked to call 912-437-4242.