Doctors: There's still time to get a flu shot


You've probably heard lots of sneezing and sniffling lately. That's because we're getting into the throes of flu season.

However, it's not too late to get the flu shot.

The vaccination will offer protection from multiple flu strains-- Influenza A and Influenza B-- which are both circulating right now.

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Nationwide Children's Hospital Emergency Medicine expert Dr. Mike Patrick says the flu vaccine will provide good protection after about two weeks and that everyone ages six months and older should get the shot.

"We would say if your child is at risk for having severe flu or complications from the flu - so if they have a history of asthma diabetes or heart disease or other chronic medical conditions - then it's particularly important. But there are certainly healthy children who have bad outcomes from the flu every year who didn't get a flu shot that we never would've predicted would get the flu and they did," Dr. Patrick said.

Influenza B seems to be the predominant strain.