Doctors increasing awareness of heart attack warning signs

Photo Credit: MGN

February is American Heart Health month and a new survey reveals Americans don't know what to do during a heart emergency.

Cleveland Clinic researchers found most people know to call 911 as a first step if they think someone is having a heart attack but only about a third of them know to also chew an aspirin.

Quick access to treatment is critical and doctors say knowing the warning signs is a must. Doctors at the Cleveland Clinic have come up with an acronym to help you remember the steps using the word SCAN.

  • S is for Symptoms. Know that they include sudden chest pain, shortness of breath, and chest pain in the center of the chest. It’s also important to know the less typical symptoms like dizziness, racing heart, and nausea.
  • C is for Call 911.
  • A is for Aspirin. Chew one adult dose aspirin or two baby aspirin.
  • N is for Nitroglycerin. Take a nitroglycerin pill if you have one.