Doctors help Ross, Pike county patients in need with fresh produce vouchers


Patients in the Ross and Pike counties may now get more than medicine depending on their diagnosis.

The “Food Rx” program run by the Adena Health System features a prescription from a health care expert for fresh fruits and vegetables.

The need for nutrition from fresh produce was revealed in a recent community health assessment performed for people who live in Ross County.

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Kim Jones, Adena Director of Community Health Advancement. said the rural community has high rates of poverty.

“At least 25 percent of the folks we serve within this region are at or below the poverty level," she said.

Through the Food Rx program, primary care physicians and nurse practitioners talk with patients about the health benefits of fresh produce. Dr. Reggina Yandila said she’s seen the research.

“There's things that fruits and vegetables provide for our bodies that actually prevent cancer and help with prevention of diabetes, weight management, stroke and heart disease," Yandila said.

Adena Health System also offers recipes and meal prep ideas so that patients will buy the produce and put it to use at meal and snack time:

(Adena Health System)
(Adena Health System)
(Adena Health System)
(Adena Health System)