District: Post saying Hilliard student suspended over walkout refusal is fake


Hilliard City Schools said a post claiming a student was suspended for not participating in National Walkout Day is false.

The letter in the post says the student would be suspended for Thursday for refusing to leave a classroom during the walkout.

Stacie Raterman, Director of Communications, said the information in the post is false and no students were suspended for participating or not participating in the walkout.

The student, 18-year-old Jacob Shoemaker, and his father, Scott, contacted 10TV to share their side of the story.

They confirmed Jacob was suspended.

Shoemaker is a senior at Hilliard Davidson High School.

During the time of the walkout, students were given two choices by the school. They could participate in the walkout or go to the commons area of the school.

Raterman said their policy is they cannot leave students unattended in the building for security reasons.

She said students who went to the commons area could use it as a study hall.

Jacob said he was suspended after not choosing to participate in the walkout or go to the commons area.

Jacob said he felt like the protest was too political and did not want to take either side.

He said he stayed in the classroom to work on school work and said he knew there could be consequences for his decision.

He told 10TV he was willing to accept those consequences.

Jacob said after the walkout was over, he learned he was suspended for the rest of the day on Wednesday and all day Thursday.

Jacob and Scott confirmed the letter being circulated on social media is accurate.

The letter said he was suspended for refusing to follow instructions.

Scott said he did not think the punishment is appropriate for what his son did but wishes people would move on.

Jacob added his actions were not supposed to attract as much attention as they did.