Disney releases first teaser trailer for live-action 'Mulan' remake


Disney released the first teaser trailer for the live-action remake of its 1998 animated film "Mulan." The teaser debuted during the halftime break of the U.S. and Netherlands FIFA Women's World Cup soccer game on Sunday.

Directed by Niki Caro, the first look of the film is action-packed and features memorable moments from the animated film. The clip begins with Mulan's parents discussing her matchmaking prospects.

"The matchmaker has found you an auspicious match," her mother said. Mulan responded by saying, "Yes, I will bring honor to us all."

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This is followed by actress Liu Yifei as Mulan showed off her sword-fighting skills. The Chinese-American actress is seen disguising herself as a warrior to save her father from joining the Chinese military — closely following the original, which was based on the legendary warrior Hua Mulan.

The one-minute, 29-second teaser ends with the heroine saying, "It is my duty to fight."

The live-action remake is set to hit theaters March 27, 2020.