Diocese: Priest warned a year ago to stay away from 17-year-old he impregnated

Father Henry Christopher Foxhoven appeared in court Tuesday (Nicki Thacker/WBNS-10TV)

A Catholic priest charged with sexual battery was warned a year before to stay away from the girl who the prosecutor says now pregnant with his child.

Henry Christopher Foxhoven, 45, was suspended in November of last year after he admitted to the Diocese of Steubenville that he was alone with the victim in November 2017 at a wedding reception.

Foxhoven was the pastor at Holy Cross and St. Mary of the Hill parishes in the Diocese of Steubenville.

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According to the Diocese, “There was no complaint filed, but when Father Foxhoven admitted he was with the girl the church immediately suspended him and he was ordered to get counseling, which he did," said spokesperson Dino Orsatti.

Tuesday, Foxhoven turned himself into the Athens County Sheriff.

According to the Athens County prosecutor, the teen was an altar girl at Holy Cross in Glouster. Both Foxhoven and the girl told her parents that she was pregnant.

The prosecutor added that the conduct happened on church property, but not inside the church itself.

During a court appearance Tuesday, Foxhoven was charged with eight counts of sexual battery. The state requested a $1 million bond. He is scheduled to appear for a review hearing on November 26.

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