Developers Announce Repairs To Buckeye Lake Dam Likely Won’t Finish Until 2019


A lot of questions filled with frustration echoed through the auditorium at Millersport Elementary after developers said the repairs to the Buckeye Lake Dam are not expected to be finished until 2019.

"I'm glad they have a plan, but it's just too long. I just looked at one that says 2019, that's four years!", resident Walter Vernon said.

After several hours and outbursts, the Buckeye Lake community has a better idea what’s going to happen at the dam. It’s the timeline for a finished project that did not sit well in the meeting.

ODNR and the team hired to redesign Buckeye Lake Dam, Gannett Fleming , showed residents three different concepts to fix it.

"You know there are people out here whose lives have been deeply impacted, and we understand all that and we empathize will that. I wanted to assure them tonight we are doing everything we can to move quickly,” Gannett Fleming Project Manager Robert Kline said.

Governor John Kasich announced earlier this year plants to replace the dam, citing its old age, deterioration and unmet safety requirements.

To help alleviate concern of catastrophe, the Army Corps of Engineers lowered water levels. In turn, that hurt businesses along the water.

"If you own a business out here, you're done. You lost all your savings, everything you've ever worked for is gone,” Vernon said.

Construction on the dam project will start before 2016 at three locations in Buckeye Lake: Liebs Island, Sellers Point, and North Shore.

More than 350 homeowners along the dam will have to tear down docks. Developers said those instructions would be sent out soon with directions on what to do.

Kline also said a six foot chain link fence will go up along the boundary line set by surveyors.

Residents say despite all that, their concerns are about the time frame on this project.

"It's probably going to look nice, safety is going to be taken care of. It's just the timeline,” resident Scott Colangelo said.

To see the preliminary plans for the Buckeye Lake Dam project, click here and to view the presentation from Wednesday’s meeting, click here