Designer Merchandise Bought With Embezzled Money Up For Sale


The biggest bargain in town may not be found in retail stores on Black Friday.

The New Albany Police Department is harboring stacks upon boxes upon piles of designer merchandise which includes high end brands including Prada, Louis Vuitton and Ugg.

It's all up for bid in an online auction.

“Some purses have a value on them of $1,500-2,000 on them,” said auctioneer Michael Hoffman.

10TV broke the story last February when police arrested Erin Drabyn and accused her of stealing $380,000 from her employer. Police said, in part, she used the money to shop.

Drabyn's employer, Steven Ogle, said last month that Drabyn convinced everyone in the office that she had cancer, and suspicion was trumped by sympathy. Now, police hope the auction will help the company recover some of its losses.

The auctioneer said much of the merchandise is brand new and still in its original packaging. The retail value was around $100,000 when he added it all up.

Drabyn is currently serving five years behind bars. 

Investigators hope holiday shoppers will bid for her loot, and the season of giving will give a crime victim justice. 

Bidding ends on Dec. 12, in time for the auctioneer to ship the items in time for the holidays. 

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