Demonstrators Push To Ban Most Abortions


Demonstrators filled the Statehouse Atrium Tuesday morning to push the Senate to pass a bill that would ban most abortions after a heartbeat is detected.

Hundreds of people rallied in favor of the Heartbeat Bill. If it passes it would outlaw most abortions after the first detectable heartbeat, which experts say can be six weeks or earlier into pregnancy, 10TV's Chuck Strickler reported.

The measure passed in the House of Representatives in the summer, Strickler reported. 

Dr. Matthew Hintz brought his staff and daughters from Mt. Gilead to take part in the rally.

"If we can save any life at any age, or at any time prior to birth, it's a law worth being behind," Hintz said.

Maggie Noblet of Galena was also rallying.

"The more babies that we can save, the better, the more people who can live and walk this earth, the better," Noblet said.

Pro-choice demonstrators also spread their message in opposition to the Heartbeat Bill.

“If we were to pass a bill such as this, the back alley abortions would rise up again, and we don’t want that – we don’t want that kind of suffering,” said Cathy Levy of the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

Opponents say the law would be unconstitutional, and it would cost hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to defend in court.

Many supporters of the bill say it’s time to unite.

"When life is an issue, we have to stand up for it, no matter where it's going to go, and we can't be knocked down before we can even stand up," said Lorraine Vance, who attended the Heartbeat Bill rally.

If lawmakers pass the bill, it would be the strictest abortion law in the country, Strickler reported.

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