Demand for active shooter training classes skyrockets in wake of recent shootings


NEW ALBANY, Ohio — With the events in Dayton and El Paso, many are wondering how they would react if they were in an active shooter situation.

More and more businesses, churches and schools are looking to make sure their employees know what to do if they are ever faced with the situation.

“Data shows people do not rise to the occasion, they rise to the level of training they have. That's why it is so important, if you are ever caught in an active shooter situation, you'll know what to do,” said Mark Lucas, Director of Training for Be Elite Tactical.

“In a retail environment, there's all walks of life coming in that get upset at levels that really put you on edge as how far they are willing to go,” said Scott Morrison.

Morrison works for an auto company and has gone through all five levels of training at Be Elite Tactical Training. Sessions include both classroom time and practice in a gun range.

“It's critical to my every day mindset of being safe,” Morrison said.

Mark Lucas is the director of training, and he says he knows this kind of training isn't for everyone, but adds everyone can benefit from the knowledge of how to find a safe place and get away during an active shooter situation.

“We have fire extinguishers, seat belts to protect us. Why not have the same option to protect yourself in a situation like active shooter?” Lucas said.

They offer these active shooter training classes year-round, but they've had a lot of calls since the two mass shootings over the weekend.

“Unfortunately, over the years, the demand for these classes has increased. We train preschools, teachers, corporations,” Lucas said.

Morrison adds while he's glad he has the training, he hopes he never has to use it.

“No matter how much you prepare for a situation like that, it's still a very hectic, scary — an awful event."