Delaware Police On Alert After Online Purge Threat


A flier has popped up in Delaware County warning of violent crime, as portrayed in the film titled, "The Purge,"  in the city of Delaware on Friday, August 22.

Fliers that warn of a so-called purge have appeared in several cities, most recently Louisville, Kentucky.

On Saturday, a Delaware County teen received a message about a purge taking place in the city of Delaware.

Chloe Michelle says she received the flier in a direct message while she was on her Facebook page.

"All of a sudden I got this random message from somebody I didn't know and they didn't have a profile picture either," said Chloe Michelle.

Chloe says when she opened the message all she found was a flier with text on the bottom that said: "A purge will take place from 8:30pm until 6:30AM the following morning taking place in Delaware, OH on the date of 8/22/14 this purge is promised."

"When I saw it, I didn't know if it was a joke or not after hearing about other purges going on in different areas it just kind of threw me off a little bit," said Michelle.

In the movie "The Purge," and its sequel "The Purge: Anarchy," all crime is legal for 12 hours, every year, to purge the population of illegal behavior.

On Saturday, police in Louisville, Kentucky, questioned a teenager who was accused of starting a "purge" rumor in the city.

A flier was circulated on social media and promised the "purge" in Louisville this weekend, but city police said they did not see a higher crime rate on Friday.

Still, investigators stepped up patrols at the Kentucky State Fair because of an incidence of mob violence in the city last spring.

Delaware police said they had not seen the flier prior to 10TV sharing it with them, but said they had already been on alert that this threat could make its way to central Ohio.

Michelle said she's pleased police are aware, because hoax or not, she's worried.

"I just think we should take it seriously because you never know what will happen with people and how things are going in the world today so it's kind of crazy," said Michelle.

Delaware police encourage anyone who receives a flier to contact them.