Deer mating could wreak havoc on central Ohio roadways


In addition to dealing with some of those falling temperatures in central Ohio, drivers are also dealing with some unexpected visitors that are on a mission that could cost drivers thousands of dollars.

November is often associated with many things – Thanksgiving, Veterans Day and the hard to miss no shave November, but the month is synonymous with a lesser-known tidbit of information.

“November is breeding season for deer it’s the peak of the rut...the term rut is referring to the breeding season,” Karen Norris with Ohio Division of Wildlife said.

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“They are chasing after a mate they aren’t really aware, and they get hit by cars and things like that.”

It’s that activity between key hours of dawn and dusk that are wreaking havoc on cars trucks and SUVs across Ohio roadways.

“At the end of daylight savings time a lot of us are driving home in the dark and that’s the time we see more deer out and so naturally when you can see the deer and more deer are out we are going to see more deer-vehicle collisions,” Kimberly Schwind with AAA Ohio said.

Kimberly says if possible, drive with your brights on, use your horn to alert a deer on the road that you are heading its way and if you are getting close – don’t swerve to avoid it.

“If you serve to miss the deer and end up say striking a tree or another vehicle you could be cited for an at-fault claim