Dead Pets Found Floating In Buckeye Lake


Pet owners near Buckeye Lake were on high alert Wednesday after a number of animals were found dead in the lake.

Suzy Spencer said that her cat, Yo, went missing a few weeks ago. A few days later, a neighbor found Yo dead in the water, 10TV’s Glenn McEntyre reported.

“I don’t think in my lifetime I would ever find another cat like that,” Spencer said.

The most troubling discovery came when her cat was fished out of the lake.

“Once it was in the bag for a little while, there was a big pool of blood that probably (came) off the fur,” neighbor Dave Kunz said. “Somebody had hit it, kicked it or whatever. It was obvious. Somebody’s being real cruel.”

Kunz said that he withheld information about the cat’s wounds from his neighbor in hopes to spare her feelings until he heard about other animals missing and found drowned.

Another neighbor’s cat was found missing, and a small dog was found drowned, McEntyre reported.

“You don’t want to think that somebody would harm an animal like that,” pet owner Kellie Green said.

Green’s cat, Sassy, was found drowned in the lake, McEntyre reported.

On May 6, a small dog was found trapped in a spillway. Buckeye Lake police helped rescue the dog.

Officer Chad Nunemaker said that too many similar incidents were too close together to be coincidental.

“We’ve received more than one report of this happening, so odds of that are pretty slim,” Nunemaker said.

Spencer said that in her 17 years on the lake, she has not seen or heard of incidents like this.

“Occasionally, you’ll see something dead in the lake, but it’s an occasional thing,” Spencer said. “It’s once a summer, maybe, but not five animals in a matter of two or three weeks.”

Spencer said that she wanted to believe that Yo fell in and drowned.

“I don’t think that’s what happened,” Spencer said.

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